wildflower honey

wildflower honey
500g glass

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  • blossom honey

    This delicious nectar honey is collected from a variety of different types of flowers, which stands for a variety of flavors. 

    The blossom honey is a darf yellow to light brown honey, which convinces by its aromatic-fine taste and its versatile use. 
    Whether for baking, in tea or for breakfast - this fine honey is a true allrounder!

  • salad with honey-mustard-dressing and panfried salmon

    Preparation time:
    30 Minutes
    Additional time:
    0 Minutes
    Difficulty simple simple

    Ingredients for 4 Persons

    (recipe for 4 persons)
    70ml dry whitewine
    2 kinds of salad  
    (as you like: lettuce, iceberg lettuce,
    Lollo Rosso, Lollo Bianco, ...)
    1 bunch of rocket salad 
    2 tomatoes
    0,5 cucumber
    1 yellow pepper 
    1 bunch of chives 
    2 bunch of dill
    250g yoghurt 
    1 tbs Wernet blossom honey  
    0,5 tbsp mustard 
    fresh pepper 
    500g fresh salmon 
    juice of a half lemon

    Just the right thing for the warm days: a light, crisp salad with a delicious honey mustard dressing that can be refined with a hint of lemon, which gives the dressing a summery freshness. In addition, fried salmon, which does something for your health thanks to its high omega 3 fatty acids.

    Wash salads and cut the leaves. Wash vegetables, too and dice.
    Finely chop a bunch of dill, cut chives into thin rolls and stir to a dressing with yoghurt, flower honey and mustard, season to taste with salt and pepper.
    Cut the salmon into even stripes, marinate with the remaining dill and the juice of half a lemon, turn lightly into flour and sauté in hot oil. Make sure, however, that the core of the salmon is still slightly glassy - then it tastes best!
    Season with pepper and salt shortly before serving.

  • nectar honey

    Nektarhonige sind Honige, bei denen die Bienen den Nektar der Blüten sammeln und diesen in ihrer Honigblase in den Bienenstock bringen.
    Dort wird der Honig an eine Arbeiterbiene übergeben, die diesen dann in die Wabe füllen und verdeckeln. In der Wabe reift der Honig dann heran und der Wassergehalt verringert sich.  

    Beispiele an Nektarhonigen: 
    - Akazienhonig
    - Lindenblütenhonig
    - Lavendelhonig
    - Rosmarinhonig
    - Blütenhonig
    - Orangenblütenhonig 

    Die Farbe dieser Nektarhonige variiert oft von hellgelb bis goldbraun und bieten eine breite Geschmacksvielfalt an. Von neutral süß (Akazienhonig) bis kräftig-aromatisch (Lindenblütenhonig), Nektarhonige sind sehr abwechslungsreich - hier ist für jeden was dabei.