Product of the month December

December 2021: honey mead Honey mead consists of honey, water and yeast. The alcohol content is between 10% and 14%. The most important thing about mead is honey, it influences the taste and color of the mead. All types of honey are suitable for making mead. Its color and taste are accordingly. As early as the Middle Ages, honey mead was served for ceremonies and festivals. Try the delicious, sweet honey mead at your party! Surprise your loved ones with something special! Also try our delicious fruit wines and se



Potato casserole with sauerkraut

when it has to be done quickly. A super delicious winter dish with potatoes, hearty bacon and mild sauerkraut and a touch of honey.


Wild bee of the month July 2021

The scaly-haired cone bee

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World Bee Day 20. May 2021

Since 2018 20th May is "World Bee Day"

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