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german chestnuthoney

chestnut honey Due to its short flowering period from June to July, when the bees can collect the nectar, and its limited production, the chestnut honey is a delicacy and also a little more expensive than conventional honeys. There are chestnut forests in Germany, Italy and France. If it is German chestnut honey, it is a rarity. Pure chestnut honey has an intense taste, also a little bitter. Chestnut honey must consist of 90 percent nectar from the chestnut tree. Due to its high fructose content, it remains liquid for a long time and only crystallizes slowly. It has been scientifically proven to be antioxidant for the body as it fights inflammation, delaying the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It has a probiotic and antibacterial effect. Try a chestnut honey parfait, it's worth it!


german chestnuthoney

Avocado with vinaigrette, arugula and Parma ham

A light summer dish for hot days, tender ham, nutty rocket with a fruity avocado. Always a treat as a starter or main course.


World Bee Day 2023

Useful information....! Why is World Bee Day so important?

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Wild Bee of the Year

Spring Silky Bee

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