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11.05.2023 - World Bee Day 2023

Useful information....!
Why is World Bee Day so important?

United Nations proclaim World Bee Day.
On World Bee Day, one would like to emphasize the importance of the different
enter pollinator species.
World Bee Day always takes place on May 20th. This day was
chosen because Anton Jansa was born on this day in 1734, he is one of the founders of modern beekeeping as it is practiced today.
It took almost 4 years before World Bee Day became official, before all bureaucratic hurdles were overcome and World Bee Day on
May 20, 2018, was first proclaimed.
Bees and other pollinating species have an important job to do. they fly
from flower to flower, absorbing nectar and pollinating different plants. Without this process we would either have no or only limited fruits and plants. A tree can only bear fruit through pollination. That is why the bees have an important job in our ecosystem.