german organic fir honey

german organic fir honey
500g glass

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  • fir tree honey

    This classic type of honey has an interesting greenish hue and an intense, aromatic taste reminiscent of a walk in deep pine forests. It stays liquid for a very long time and tastes great for the celebration of strong sauces, game dishes and of course for breakfast. 

  • fried lamb fillets with apricot-honey sauce

    (for 2 people)

    2 lamb fillets 120g each
    50g dried apricots
    100ml dry redwine
    1 garlic, finely chopped
    1/2 onion, finely chopped
    150g lambbroth (alternative bouillon)
    2 tbsp Wernet fir tree honey
    some fresh coriander


    the sauce:
    fry the onions and garlic with oliveoil, now deglaze with redwine. 
    add the broth (or bouillon) and the apricots untill it's reduced.
    now you have to flavour it and season ist with honey. 

    Finally you have to fry the lamb fillets with some oliveoil.