forest and fir honey

forest and fir honey
in a 1kg metall tin

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  • forest and fir honey

    This fine honeydew honey is collected by bees from both conifers and deciduous trees. It's the mixture which gives the honey a spicy and pleasant taste. 

    Mostly a forest with a proportion of pine honey has a reddish brown to dard-brown colour and a thick consistency. 

  • fried lamb fillets with apricot-honey sauce

    (for 2 people)

    2 lamb fillets 120g each
    50g dried apricots
    100ml dry redwine
    1 garlic, finely chopped
    1/2 onion, finely chopped
    150g lambbroth (alternative bouillon)
    2 tbsp Wernet fir tree honey
    some fresh coriander


    the sauce:
    fry the onions and garlic with oliveoil, now deglaze with redwine. 
    add the broth (or bouillon) and the apricots untill it's reduced.
    now you have to flavour it and season ist with honey. 

    Finally you have to fry the lamb fillets with some oliveoil. 

  • freeze honey?

    Of course you can freeze honey. Due to the low temperature of the honey is longer lasting - which makes sense, for example, if you are in holiday. 

    Many beekeepers freeze the honey after harvest in order to preserve the large quantities longer or to store the honey for the winter cool.

    Our tip:
    If a honey is "too liquid" for you:
    Simply store the jar in the fridge or even in the freezer. The cold makes it stronger and therefore the honey is not too liquid for your bread.