forest and fir honey

forest and fir honey
2,5kg metall bucket

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  • forest and fir honey

    This fine honeydew honey is collected by bees from both conifers and deciduous trees. It's the mixture which gives the honey a spicy and pleasant taste. 

    Mostly a forest with a proportion of pine honey has a reddish brown to dard-brown colour and a thick consistency. 

  • storage

    Honey is a pure natural product without any preservatives. Due the high sugar content of about 80% the honey is almost non-perishable. 

    But you also can make some mistakes in storing - which can let the honey start to ferment. 
    Honey easily takes on foreign smells. Therefore always keep the container airtight.

    Under no circumstances should honey be stored in direct sunlight, but kept in a cool dark place (18 degrees). Here it can be stored without quality loss for up to five years.
    Once the container is opened the honey should be consumed within 12 months.