creamy sunflower honey

creamy sunflower honey
250g glass

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  • sunflower honey

    This striking yellow, very fine creamy honey has a typical aromatic and intense honey taste. You can feel thearoma of the hot summer days literally on the tongue! 

    Those, who like the typical honey taste will love this honey! 

  • honey for children?

    Babies before the age of one year should not eat honey. After the age of one year honey it's safe for children to eat honey.
    Then the intestinal flora is sufficiently developed to ward off a negative development of the botulism bacteria. This can go unnoticed in spite of careful and accurate control in the honey, germinate in the not yet mature intestine of the baby and cause paralysis of the respiratory and swallowing muscles.
    For children (2 years old) and adults, this bacterium is safe through the well-trained intestine.

    Due to the high sugar content of honey, you have to pay attention to a proper dosage!