cream soup of sunchoke with asparagus

cream soup of sunchoke with asparagus
Preparation time:
30 Minutes
Additional time:
25 Minutes
Difficulty medium medium

Ingredients for 8 Persons


(for 8 persons)

800g sunchoke
80g shallots, finely diced
100g butter
80ml whitewine vinegar
600ml vegetable stock
1 bayleaf
300ml cream
30ml white balsamico 
50g Wernet forest honey 
fresh ground pepper


for the asparaguscrisps:

30g white asparagus, peeled
forest honey 
olive oil 

If it is cold and uncomfortable outside, a soup is golden. But try something different than just potatoes or pumpkins. Experiment with the sweet, nutty-tasting tuber Jerusalem artichoke, also known as pear or horse potato. It is very healthy with vitamins, potassium, iron and inulin, which is why the tuber is very suitable for diabetics. It is also very low in calories.


peel the sunchoke and slice it in fine dices. 
Den Topinambur schälen und in feine Würfel schneiden. Panfrie together with shallots and 40g butter, deglaze with whitewine vinegar and vegetable stock.
Add the bayleaf and simmer till the sunchoke is cooked soft.  

Take out the baylaf and mix up the soup. Add cream and white balsamico (careful!) and season it with salt and pepper. 
Add the remaining butter and mix up again. Now you can add the forest honey. 

Slice the raw, peeled asparagus and put them on a baking tray. 

Mix the forest honey with lukewarm water and olive oil. 
Brush over the asparagus slices with a brush and put them under the oven grill till they start to caramelize. 

Jörg Michael