grilled salmon trout with orange blossom honey

grilled salmon trout with orange blossom honey
Preparation time:
15 Minutes
Additional time:
40 Minutes
Difficulty simple simple

Ingredients for 6 Persons

6 salmon trout / ready to cook

Orange pepper and herbal salt

8 tbsp orange honey

6 oranges

a few slices of herb butter

Large pieces of rosemary, basil and lemon balm.


Those who like fish will love this recipe. The fruity, juicy orange slices, the orange blossom honey and the herbal mix create an inimitable taste. The trout meat becomes tender as butter and tastes like me (e) hr.

Rub the inside of the salmon trout with orange honey. 
Season inside and out and fill generously with herbs, 
top with herb butter and orange slices on the outside 
and seal well into a package in aluminum foil. 
In the closed grill 4min from each side. grilling.