ice cream with thyme honey and fleur de sel

ice cream with thyme honey and fleur de sel
Preparation time:
20 Minutes
Additional time:
300 Minutes
Difficulty simple simple

Ingredients for 8 Persons

ingredients for 8 person:

450ml whipping cream
300ml sweetened condensed milk
85g Wernet thyme honey 
1/2 tsp fleur de sel 

A sweet and slightly spicy ice experience for all those who love the extraordinary. The composition of thyme ice and fleur de sel completes the whole. If you like it fruity, you can add pureed fruit (of your choice and taste) to the ice cream mass, lift it slightly under the mass, which is slightly marbled.


whip the cream for 2 minutes till it's stiff. Carefully fold in the sweetened condensed milk, thyme honey and fleur de sel until everything is well blended. 
Putt the mixture in a suitable container which is suitable for freezing, drizzle a little honey on top and close it airtight. 


Serve it, if you want, with some little honey on top or spinkle some fleur de sel on the ice cream!