Geschmorte Honig-Zwiebel

Geschmorte Honig-Zwiebel
Preparation time:
10 Minutes
Additional time:
30 Minutes
Difficulty simple simple

Ingredients for 4 Persons


4 medium-sized onions
4 pinches of salt, fleur de sel
4 pinches of pepper, ground black
4 tsp Wernet honey (honey of your choice) (recommend rosemary or thyme)
Some neutral oil or butter
Slightly chopped parsley

The braised onion gets that certain something from the honey, rosemary or thyme honey is highly recommended, they give the onion a little spice and yet the light sweetness, because the addition of honey makes the onion slightly caramelized on the grill. A feast for the palate for all grill fans.


Only slightly cut the peeled onion on the root side (small footprint).

Cut 3x deeply from the opposite side (from above) (approx. 3/4 of the onion)

do not cut through.

The onion should only be divided (one eighth) so that it absorbs the spices better and quickly cooks.

Straighten a piece of aluminum foil for each onion. Put oil or butter in the middle of the foil and the cut onion

sit on. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper and pour a teaspoon of honey (of your choice) over it.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley at will. Fold the aluminum foil upwards and wrap it like a candy.

Place the wrapped onion on the edge of the grill and cook / braise slowly (30 min).

When the onions can be squeezed they are done

     Working time: approx. 10 min, cooking / baking time: 30 min