28.07.2021 - Wild bee of the month July 2021

The scaly-haired cone bee

The month of July means sun, being outdoors a lot and having one
a high incidence of mosquitoes and other insects of all kinds.
In the two summer months of July and August you can also see wild bees
watch, especially the scaly-haired cone bee.
The cone bee is also counted among the cuckoo bees, which means
that the cone bee does not have its own food supply for its offspring
collects, but lays your own eggs with the eggs of other bees.
It happens quite often with wild bees that they practice it like that, because
every fifth wild bee is also a cuckoo bee.
They are very easy to recognize because of their conical shape and towards the end of the body
narrow abdomen. The black and white color is also striking.
Scale-like body hair is noticeable in both sexes. Since you do not collect any pollen, the collection brush is not trained.
It is based all over Europe and likes dry and warm locations.
You are also at great risk in Germany. B. Berlin, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt they are endangered and threatened with extinction in Lower Saxony. The reasons for this are the development of settlements, high nitrogen inputs from traffic and agriculture.