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11.05.2023 - Wild Bee of the Year

Spring Silky Bee

The wild bee of the year is an absolute pioneer species. It is always able to inhabit newly emerging habitats. Actually she is on
Finding river banks, forests and bushes, but also sand and gravel pits near the river are among your preferred living and settlement areas.
They lay their nests on flat and gently sloping surfaces, such as flood dams, poor meadows and sandpits in playgrounds. A nest can have up to six brood chambers and lead up to half a meter into the ground, so several hundred female spring silk bees can create nests and thus form a large colony. Each female supplies her nest with pollen herself, this takes about 6 weeks, then the females die. Therefore, from May onwards, the nesting sites appear to have died out, but inside the earth, the larvae of a new generation of silk bees develop, to be the first to start again in spring.