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17.05.2022 - Garden Woolly Bee

Our Wild Bee of the Month of June

This type of wild bee is very similar to the wasp and is also often confused with it.
The garden woolly bee gets its name from its habitat, which is mainly located in gardens, parks and dry slopes.
The males are with their 14-18mm significantly larger than the females, these reach only 11-12mm.
In the females, which look a little clumsier, have a conspicuous black-yellow body drawing. They have long yellow transverse stripes that do not unite at the top of the body.
Males, on the other hand, have an irregular black-yellow coloration.
To defend their mating territory from competitors, the males have three thorns on the abdomen, which they use to fight invaders.
Also noticeable is your sleeping behavior, garden woolly bees, bite on plants and let themselves be hanged. In the beginning, the wings are still spread, but at deeper sleep phases they are put on and the bee hangs down on the plant.
If you feel disturbed, let yourself fall and can fly away immediately.
In worse weather conditions, retreat into cavities.